Sunday, March 31, 2013

Slice of Life Day 20: Sitting on Easter

I went to Staten Island today to celebrate Easter with family and also to celebrate my little cousin's first Holy Communion. I sat through a 45 minute car ride there (while studying math), sat in the church for another 45 minutes before the service actually started, and then sat through a 2 hour long church service. It was soooooo long. Eleven fifth graders (Lutherans tend to mark this occasion at a bit of an older age than Catholics, or at least that's what I have found) made their First Holy Communion.

When I thought that the service was almost over, 18 new members rose up, and a ceremony was held to induct them into the church. I was not expecting that, and however nice it was, I really wanted to leave. Communion for the rest of the congregation must have taken a good 15 minutes, and the line seemed to never end. After receiving bread, we were supposed to dunk it into either wine or grape juice, but in my home church we get our own little cups of the drink. I like my church's way better because I think it is more sanitary. I like sanitary.

After the service, we all headed over to a mediocre Italian restaurant. Both my chicken parm and my pasta tasted like peas, and I don't know why. I don't really like these family lunches because I just sit there and don't talk. I don't have anything in common with my cousins, and we never seem to be able to hold a conversation. One is 3 years older than me, one is 6 years older than me, and one is 4 years younger than me. Their cousins were there too (one is my age and one is two years older), but they used to pick on me when we were little, and I don't know why we can't be friends now... I am willing to bet that my personality has changed quite a bit since I was 4... So yeah, I just sat and talked to my aunt and my mom a tiny bit while trying to digest my pea-tainted food.

After sitting in all these different places, I sat in the car once again for 45 minutes to get home. And now I am sitting and finishing my homework. Yay for sitting.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Slice of Life Day 19: Taylor Swift

Last night, I went to Taylor Swift's concert, which was part of her Red Tour. My dad took four of my middle schools friends and I for my birthday. It was a really nice concert. Taylor's looked really pretty (although I like her better with curly hair), and Ed Sheeran, who is touring with her, sounded angelic. Our seats were pretty good too. We were on one of the higher platforms, but in the front row of it. I made myself comfortable by dangling my feet over the barrier that was meant to keep us from falling off the platform. It wasn't a very good barrier; it was only about 2 feet high and there was nothing preventing me from jumping right over it (don't worry, I wouldn't).

However, the concert was REALLLYYYYYY LOUDDDDD. I could not even hear myself think. By the middle, all of the noises just started to blur together, and I was convinced that the musicians weren't making music anymore; they were just trying to make as much noise as possible.

The opening act was Florida Georgia Live, and I'm still unsure as to who they are... They failed to audibly introduce themselves, and it took my friends and I the duration of their performance to just figure out their name.

Towards the end of the show, there was a really nice surprise. The lead singer of the band Train came out and sang Drive By with Taylor. I definitely was not expecting that! :D

There was just one more drawback to this delightful experience. THERE WAS NO CARVEL. Last time I went to a Taylor Swift concert at the same venue, there was a Carvel stand. This time there was only Rita's Ices, which fails in comparison to Carvel, especially since they didn't even have chocolate ice! What has this world come to!?!? My dad only went for the Carvel, and since he refused to eat an inferior substitute, he resigned to watching a movie on his iPhone and completely tuning out the concert.

So after the concert ended at 11, we all went back to my house, got there at midnight, and didn't actually go to sleep until 3. It was a lot of fun. :D

Friday, March 29, 2013

Slice of Life Day 18: TV in the morning

After I wake up at around 10:30 in the morning during break, I usually go downstairs, turn on the TV, put on TLC, and possibly fall asleep again. It's been really nice, since Say Yes to the Dress has been coming on at 11:00 and 11:30. However, it's quite upsetting that What Not to Wear comes on at noon. It's not that I don't like that show (I LOVE IT), it's just that my mom always yells at me to go get dressed at noon! I recorded it the past couple days, but I forgot to today. :(

What Not to Wear is a show starring Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. They pick one of the public's nominees for a style makeover and teach them how to shop. They are taken on a five thousand dollar shopping spree, given a haircut, and given a face full of makeup. It's kind of a shallow show since it focuses solely on confidence due to physical appearance, but I like it. :D

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Slice of Life Day 17: Cake

Last night, I was too tired to eat the birthday cake that my mom made for me, so my family and I ate it today. Before my dad lit the candles, my sister came running in with some colorful yet wrinkled papers and ribbon taped together haphazardly. She insisted that it was a hat (?!?) and that I wear it as we cut the cake. Well, I guess it's the thought that counts...

The cake was chocolate with chocolate icing, and my sister had written "Happy birthday, Amanda!" in large pink gel letters. My mom stuck in 16 candles (15 + 1 for good luck) in no particular pattern, and by the time I made a wish and blew them all out, the wax had melted all over the cake. #LowQualityCandles

In addition, my mom picked up some cake slices from one of my favorite bakeries! I am excited to eat those as well. Yay for cake!

Slice of Life Day 16: Birthday!

This slice is actually for yesterday, March 27th (my birthday!).

My birthday was pretty good. :) A lot of my friends wished me happy birthday, including many that I haven't seen in a while, which is nice.

I started out my birthday by going to the dermatologist. (Yay...) I have no clue why my mom made a doctor's appointment on my birthday, but whatever. She had heard of a new doctor and wanted to take me there. The upsetting part is that they didn't have any lollipops. D:

I then had to go to play rehearsal, which was at a senior's house that is 45 minutes away from mine. (Ask me for more details if you are interested in going to the play. It's in just over a week!) The rehearsal lasted for 4 hours. Although not too many people were able to come, it was pretty productive, as we got to practice lines, sing, and practice choreography.

Just as I was about to leave, the girl that was hosting the rehearsal said that she had made cupcakes for me! THEY WERE SO GOOD. I think they were some sort of lemony cheesecake with crumbs on top. YUM. It was really sweet that she thought to make them for me!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Slice of Life Day 15: Lunch

I did something today that I am sure all of you will find very fascinating.




I know, quite fascinating, right? I went with my little sister, mom, and grandma to Longhorn Steakhouse. 'Twas a lovely lunch. As always, I ordered a cherry coke as my beverage. The waitress, Alexis, brought out our four beverages and some bread and butter to keep us occupied until our food came. As many other waitresses do, she asked us what we wanted to eat and kept a record of our choices on a little pad.

I ordered a steakhouse burger.
Hold the lettuce.
Hold the tomatoes.
Hold the pickles.
Hold the onions.
...And cook it medium well.
And instead of fries, substitute steakhouse mac and cheese.
(I guess I'm picky.)

Again, this was a lovely lunch. The mac and cheese is creamy and even has chunks of BACON. Yup, bacon. ^(>u<)^ (That's a smiling cat.)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Slice of Life Day 14: Sitting and Working at a Laptop

This is an activity that takes up hours each day, so I may as well pretend that it's interesting. You may think that the proper way to sit while working at a laptop is upright in a desk chair, with your feet planted flat on the floor and the laptop resting on the desk in front of you. Well, this does not work for me for a variety of reasons.

1. My feet do not reach the floor.
2. I do not have a desk. It was moved out of my room and replaced with a beanbag chair. (Good thinking, eh?)
3. Sitting up straight is sooooo overrated and definitely not meant for a hipster like me.

I can't seem to sit in the same postition for more than a couple minutes before getting bored, so I am always moving my laptop and such.

I usually start sitting normally and upright at my spot at the dining room table, with my laptop on the table in front of me. But that chair is so uncomfortable! So I cross and uncross my legs until I am comfortable enough to work for a few minutes. Then I find myself sitting cross-legged in the lotus position.

Next, I usually go up to my room to work, since my chair is uncomfortable and my sister is probably being loud and annoying. I sit in various spots in my small room, such as on the carpet or in my beanbag chair (after I throw all the clothes resting on it onto the floor). Soon enough, I usually resort to laying down on my bed to work. But of course, then I get too comfortable and occasionally fall asleep. See my problem!?!?